Imagine the Possibilities

Daily, animal species are declared extinct. Many irreversible things are done today without concern for the future of our planet. I believe strongly that we should not delegate the responsibility for an intact environment only to the government. Every one of us should be involved.

~ Helga Haub, from the Preface to
“The Smiling Country: A History of the Methow Valley,” by Sally Portman, 2001

Imagine the possibilities...

1200 acres of quintessential Methow Valley landscape: farmland, wildlife habitat, trails, and breathtaking views, all forming the scenic backdrop to the Town of Winthrop. Power’s Plunge – sometimes called “Cougar Alley” – is a true wildlife haven and home to a wide range of Methow Valley wildlife, from black bears, cougars, and coyotes to squirrels and chipmunks. Barnsley Lake provides a cattail-fringed oasis for a variety of breeding songbird species and amphibians. Aspen stands flank the far edges of fields, their pale bark ghostly in the morning mist. Spring brings an explosion of Arrowleaf Balsamroot, golden petals carpeting the hillsides.

The vast open space of the Methow Community Trail as it traverses the edge of a Wolf Creek farm field invites quiet contemplation. Pedaling up the Winthrop Trail you pause in the pines as a bear crashes through the brush. Power’s Plunge offers no option other than – well – plunging. Down you soar, and as you emerge from the trees a view of the valley’s eastern slopes unfolds. Imagine the possibilities.

Nearly 400 acres of active farmland – the largest irrigated agricultural holding in the Methow Valley. Tilled and sowed and harvested for generations, the fields are rife with rich earth, tended by Methow Valley farmers who plant seeds for the future. Imagine the possibilities: farming as a viable, vibrant ingredient in the Methow Valley’s secret sauce.

A small neighborhood of modest homes within walking distance of Winthrop provides a resource that eludes other mountain towns: housing that is affordable for people who work here. Imagine the possibilities: the Methow Valley becomes a community anchored by people who can afford to live where they work.

The Methow Valley community gets a chance to determine what the landscape near town looks like and how it reflects shared values. Imagine the possibilities.


We’re excited to launch Imagine the Methow: A Campaign for Sunny M Ranch. We have until June 15, 2023 to preserve these possibilities for our community. To join us and to learn more about the Campaign for Sunny M Ranch, visit To make a multi-year pledge, contact Executive Director Sarah Brooks to schedule a meeting: or 509-996-2870. Or click here to access a pledge form.

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