April 2024 Backyard Bulletin

April 2024 Backyard Bulletin

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I'm always enamored with the moment when the low country melts and the high country is still capped in snow. The snowy peaks stand in sharp relief against newly-minted blue skies, and the upward-creeping snowline opens countless mid-elevation high points from which to stand flabbergasted at the majesty of the alpine in the distance. April is a month of beginnings for both plants and people. It's a beautifully dynamic time of year, and there's something special about knowing that each consecutive week will bring something new. A new trail, a new flower, a new shade of green in the grass, a new bird on the fence line. The valley feels big this time of year; get out and explore it!

- Bridger Layton, Education Programs Coordinator

Photo: Zoey Gray

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