The Team


The Methow Conservancy has inspired people to care for the land of the Methow Valley since 1996. A nonprofit, accredited land trust, the Methow Conservancy has protected more than 10,000 acres of orchards, fields, shrub-steppe uplands, forests, and riparian areas, including more than 32 miles of riverfront and 1300 acres of irrigated farmland in the Methow Valley. We safeguard healthy soils and clean water, we believe agriculture can thrive in the Methow Valley, and we connect people to the land.


Board Members: Sam Naney (President), Benj Drummond (Vice President), Phil Davis (Treasurer), Peggy Porter (Secretary), Ashley Ahearn, David Clement, Jane Gilbertsen, Mary Johnston, Jessi Kelley, Kristen Kirkby, Gordy Reynaud, Joanne Uehara, Kevin van Bueren

Staff Members: Sarah Brooks (Executive Director), Ashley Lodato (Associate Director), Jeanne White (Conservation Director), Julie Grialou (Senior Ecologist), Sarah Birkeland (Land Project Manager) Mary Morgan (Membership Assistant), Joy Schwab (Bookkeeper), Daniel Senner (Conservation Project Manager), Bridger Layton (Education Programs Coordinator)

Additional Capital Campaign Committee Members:

Co-Chairs: Kevin van Bueren, Roxie Miller, Julie Muyllaert

Members at Large: Char Alkire, Teri Beatty, Sonya Campion, Laurel Canan, Maud Daudon, Heidi de Laubenfels, James DeSalvo, Kristin Devin, Steve Dixon, Carrie Fink, Scott Fitkin, Peter Goldman, Steve Hirsch, Martha Kongsgaard, Jennifer Lewis, Don Linnertz, Jay Lucas, Kelleigh McMillan, Jason Paulsen, Mike Pruett, Karen West


We’re excited to launch Imagine the Methow: A Campaign for Sunny M Ranch. We have until June 15, 2023 to preserve these possibilities for our community. To join us and to learn more about the Campaign for Sunny M Ranch, visit To make a multi-year pledge, contact Executive Director Sarah Brooks to schedule a meeting: or 509-996-2870. Or click here to access a pledge form.

Help the Methow Conservancy purchase 1200 acres of the Sunny M Ranch for the community (human and wild) by June 15th!

Learn more and donate to the Campaign for Sunny M Ranch Now