Trails on the Sunny M Ranch

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Methow trails

Trails Partner: We are looking forward to working with Methow Trails, which manages 10+ miles of winter and summer trails on the Sunny M, and to creating a trails master plan. Through the process of working together for a full four seasons, we will determine how the permanent trail access will be structured.


How does Methow Conservancy ownership affect users on the more than 10 miles of skiing, walking, biking, and snowshoeing trails on Sunny M Ranch?

Good news—trail access will now be formalized and secured! For decades, trail users have enjoyed the Sunny M Ranch thanks to the goodwill of the Haub Family, but no access agreements were ever established. The Methow Conservancy will grant permanent access to the trail system managed by Methow Trails, which includes all of the existing summer and winter trails on the Sunny M property.

How will you work with Methow Trails to manage the 10 miles of trail on the Sunny M Ranch?

We are thrilled to partner with Methow Trails to provide year-round trail access on the Sunny M Ranch to ensure that these recreational opportunities remain available to the community forever. We will be like any of the 175 other landowners that Methow Trails works with; we’ll provide the land and access easements to the trails, and they will manage and maintain the trail system, including grooming, managing ticket/pass sales, and hosting ski races and events. We may collaborate on trailwork parties and restoration opportunities.

How does Methow Conservancy ownership affect summer trail use?

Existing summer trail access on the Sunny M Ranch will be protected. Click HERE for summer trail access maps.

Will you expand the summer trails?

Summer trail use in 2023 (as well as winter trail use in 2023-24) will stay the same for now. We are open to hearing public input about expanding trail opportunities through Methow Trails; however, we are committed to balance in the Sunny M Ranch project, so we will not discuss—for example—compromising agricultural use in favor of trails or jeopardizing trail use in the interest of affordable housing. We seek to provide a balance among wildlife habitat, farming, trails, and affordable housing.

Summer trails map

Will ski passes on the Sunny M Ranch be free now that that Methow Conservancy owns the land?

Summer trail use will remain free. Although we will own the land, we will not be grooming the winter trails. Methow Trails will continue to do that. We will be like any of the 175 other landowners that Methow Trails negotiates access with. The Methow Conservancy will not charge a use fee; however, Methow Trails will continue to require trail passes for winter use, to cover their grooming and maintenance costs, which are significant (fyi—it costs about $1800 per night to groom the trails located on this piece of property alone). Click HERE for winter trail access maps.

What about the upper section of the Upper Winthrop Trail near Patterson Lake and Sun Mountain?

Those parcels are owned by GEM Partners, who purchased Sun Mountain Lodge in May 2022. We have no reason to believe that GEM Partners will restrict trail use; however, we cannot speak for them. We know that Methow Trails is in communication with GEM Partners about formalizing trail access. We hope to explore other conservation outcomes on GEM property ownership as well, such as protecting wildlife habitat and open space values.

If I’m out on a trail on the Sunny M Ranch and I see that a tree has fallen across it, who should I contact?

You should email and describe the location of the fallen tree as well as your estimate of the diameter (so they know what tool to bring).

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