Community Engagement

Check back often for updates on opportunities to engage with us through Sunny M projects and events.

It is important to us to be clear and frequent communicators about what’s happening on Sunny M. Here are a few highlights of what you can expect from us in the months and years to come:

Website: We will keep the Sunny M pages of our website updated with information about the latest news from Sunny M and will include any Sunny M related events.

Enews: Each edition of Enews for the foreseeable future will includea short update from Sunny M.

Annual Report: Over the winter of each year, we will create an annual report on what happened on Sunny M and share our reflections and thoughts for the upcoming year.

Alerts: We’ll share periodic emails with you if you are on our mailing list as we know of opportunities for public comment on things like the affordable housing neighborhood or support for restoration work, etc.

Community Input Opportunities: As we consider major management issues (like the affordable housing neighborhood or trail uses, etc.), we are committed to offering clear outlets for community input. This can include hosting focus groups or community discussions/ conversations, surveys, and/ or other methods of gaining community input. If you’re on our mailing list, you’ll get invitations to all of these opportunities. We’re planning to launch a series of Sunny M affordable housing community conversations in the fall.

Intake of Comments/Feedback/ Requests: We have created a special Sunny M email account ( If you have feedback about Sunny M for us, please email us at this address (and remember, we’d love to receive positive feedback in addition to suggestions for improvement!). Over the next year, we plan to be focused on getting to know the landscape. We look forward to sharing with you what we are observing and helping you get to know the 1200 acres of the Sunny M Ranch better, too!

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Photo courtesy of the Shafer Museum

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