Real Estate and Housing

This section provides information on status and trends in real estate and housing availability, demand, and affordability.

Real Estate

Real estate sales and median and average home prices have shown a generally increasing trend since 2011. The rate of increase in home price has been especially high in the past few years.

Number of Real Estate Sales

Average and Median Home Prices


According to the Methow Housing Trust’s 2020 Annual Report, the Methow Valley has an estimated 350-unit (rental and ownership) housing shortage.

Methow Housing Trust 2020 Annual Report

Methow Housing Trust Annual Report, 2020

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Housing availaibility cover

Methow Valley Housing Availability and Affordability Strategy and Action Plan

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Brunner, J. and Associates, 2016

Real estate data provided by Dave Thomsen of Coldwell Banker Winthrop Realty. Graphics and photography by Benjamin Drummond.
Last updated May 2023.

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