July Enews
Bitterroot by Mary Kiesau

July Enews

Ruby slippers farm by swerdloff2
Ruby Slippers Farm bounty (Photo by Sasha Swerdloff)

First Tuesday on the Farm

Ruby Slippers Farm Tour
July 2nd, 6:30pm - 8pm

Meet us at Ruby Slippers Farm (12 The Meadows Road in Carlton). Cloudbird Bonin will show us how she grows vibrant, nutritious produce using a variety of holistic farming techniques including vermiculture composting, biochar preparation, minimal tillage, and Korean natural farming methods. Carpooling strongly encouraged!

DSC09238 MK
Want to learn what these stunning alpine showstoppers are? Come join Mary Kiesau on an Alpine Wildflower Walk (Photo by Mary Kiesau)

Learn with Us this Summer!

July & August are super-full of some really exceptional learning opportunities:

  • July 11th: State of the Trails Report with the Methow Ranger District & Back Country Horsemen.
  • July 13th: Early Winters Spires Natural History with Steph Williams.
  • July 19th: A Share Your Knowledge Series walk with the Methow Headwater's own Hannah Dewey.
  • July 26th: An Alpine Wildflower walk with Mary Kiesau.
  • August 5th: A Star of the Stars Presentation with former NASA scientist Tuck Stebbins and Shane Larson of Northwestern University.
  • August 6th: First Tuesday on the Farm with a tour of BCS Livestock in Winthrop.
  • August 7th: A Star Gazing Party with Tuck and Shane.
  • September 16th - 26th on Monday and Thursday evenings: Photography Workshop - Barns of the Methow Valley with Ryan T. Bell.

To get all the details on these events, check out our Events page here.

Methow SUP Photo JP
Photo by Jason Paulsen

Going With the Flow

With drought in the headlines, you may be wondering how the Valley’s rivers are holding up? As of June 25th, the Methow River is at 32% of the Median flow as measured in Pateros. That means we’re about 3 to 4 weeks ahead of last year, and likely to experience very low flows on all of the valley’s rivers over the next 90 days. This is a serious concern for the threatened and endangered fish who call the Methow home and for local agriculturalists. Read more…

Ag day bigger 2019 Willie Duguay
Ag Day 2019 is a success! - Photo by Willie Duguay

Fourth Graders Get Ag-Cited!

Picture this - 54 fourth graders, two dedicated teachers, five mother sheep and lambs, a handful of volunteers, and a crew of knowledgeable local farmers and ranchers converging at the Moccasin Lake Ranch hay barn on a stormy day in June. It's Ag Day 2019. Read more...

Eagle JP IMG 6823 final try
Photo by Jason Paulsen

Stay Informed - Okanogan County Watch

Interested in county government but can’t always get to Okanogan? You can stay up to date on Okanogan County issues from the comfort of your computer screen or tablet. Thanks to Okanogan County Watch, a dedicated group of volunteers who attend, take notes and video at public meetings, you can stay informed about issues in our county! Visit www.countywatch.org for more information, to volunteer or to access this valuable service in our community!

Mary Kiesau Davis Fire DSC 7987
Photo by Mary Kiesau

Burn Ban in Effect

A Burn Ban is now in effect for Okanogan County, which includes campfires and charcoal barbecues. Please do your part to prevent human caused wildfires in our valley this summer and watch the Okanogan County Fire District Facebook Page for updates.

Stormy skies JP final
Photo by Jason Paulsen

Was that Lightning?

You can access near real-time data showing the geographic location of lightning strikes as storms occur. Check out these sites for more information: LightningMaps.org, Blitzortung or WeatherBug and be sure to report any smoke columns you see after the storms have passed by calling 911 immediately.

Leaf3 jason paulsen smaller
Photo by Jason Paulsen

Public Hearing: County Takes Action to Tie Growth in Lower Methow to Available Water

On June 10th, the Okanogan County Commissioners adopted an interim amendment to the County Zoning Map which effectively changed the minimum lot size for the lower Methow Valley (south of the Methow Review District) between Gold Creek and Pateros. An upcoming public hearing is your chance to add your voice. Read more...

Snow buckwheat2 MK from Owl Peak smaller
Photo by Mary Kiesau

Science Shorts: All About Native Buckwheats

Our Conservation Biologist Julie Grialou is trying hard this summer to pay attention to smaller native plants that may not always have the show-iest flowers, but are fascinating, complex, and worth our appreciation, too. This month she delves into the native buckwheat family, important nectar sources for butterflies and other pollinators. Read more...

Big Thanks Small smaller
Photo by Jason Paulsen

July Shout Outs!

This month we share appreciation for Bill Tackman and Katie Haven of McFarland Creek Ranch for hosting our June First Tuesday on the Farm, for the awesome volunteers who started our restoration work on our newly conserved property in Mazama, for Rufus Woods of the Wenatchee World for an awesome article on our impact, for our newest supporters, and for Nicole and Ryan Scherler of East Slope Studio for our new website design. Read more...

Jason Reading Paper Small 2
Photo by Sarah Brooks

Read Along with Us this July

Come read along with us in July as we’ve been fascinated by a smokejumper’s love story with the West, understood more about the priorities and challenges facing the head of WDFW, learned about a little known endangered species recovery effort right under our noses, grappled with the consolidation of large parcels in the West into the hands of a few extremely wealthy individuals, and took note of the development of new technologies that will help land managers to make quicker decisions about wildfire behavior. Read more...

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