Meadowlark Natural Area Work Party

Meadowlark Natural Area Work Party

When: Friday, May 24, 2024

Where: 8-11am

Join the Methow Conservancy at the Meadowlark Natural Area for a focused effort on removing the mustard and baby's breath from the trail before it gets a chance to spread!

Register HERE.

For directions to the trailhead, click here.

The Methow Conservancy purchased the property from Bob Heckendorn in 2018 to protect it, using a gift from Tina and Eliot Scull to fund the purchase. In 2021, we sold it to the Town of Winthrop, which received funding for an open space park from the WA State Wildlife and Recreation Program. Now called the Meadowlark Natural Area, the old homestead is adjacent to the current Winthrop town limits.

Seven contiguous acres of the 146-acre parcel were reserved for potential opportunities for planned growth, as identified in the Town of Winthrop Comprehensive Plan as a future expansion area. The rest is enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.

The Methow Conservancy, in collaboration with the Town of Winthrop, cares for the Natural Area and we work to manage it both for wildlife habitat and public recreation free of charge.

Read more about the Meadowlark Natural Area HERE.

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