Burn Bans & More

Where to Get Information on Burn Bans, Equipment Restrictions, and Campfire Restrictions

Can I burn outdoors on my private land, aka is a Burn Ban in effect?

Restrictions on outdoor burning on private land are determined by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). We typically think of this as a “Burn Ban” and burn bans determined by DNR cover not only private land by also all state forests, DNR-managed forestland, and DNR campgrounds. To determine whether there is a Burn Ban in effect in your area, follow this link and left click on your area of interest. It is best to call the DNR Northeast region at (509) 684-7474 before your initiate any outdoor burning.

Can I use my chainsaw, weed-whacker, or other spark-emitting equipment?

Restrictions on use of this equipment, even for non-industrial use on private property, are determined by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and are based on the Industrial Fire Precaution Level (IFPL) in effect for your area. To get more information on IFPLs, click here.

The Methow Valley includes two IFPL zones: 678W and 684. To determine the specific IFPL zone that you are, see this map. Then call DNR at (800) 323-BURN, to determine the IFPL restrictions for your specific area.

Can I have a campfire on National Forest lands (including wilderness)?

Visit this Forest Service website to determine fire restrictions for National Forest lands (including Wilderness Areas).

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