Quick Conservation Shorts:

Quick Conservation Shorts:

Photo by Mary Kiesau

Look for us at the Methow Valley Farmers’ Market in Twisp:
We’ll have weed experts staffing a Methow Conservancy booth at the Farmers’ Market in Twisp for the first three Saturdays of June. We’ll have samples of some of the villains of the Valley (noxious weeds) and some examples of the “stars of the shrub steppe." Bring a weed or plant and we’ll do our best to identify it for you!

Weed Guide: Now is a great time to look around your property for non-native plants and get an early start on controlling weeds. Our online "Weed Guide" can help you identify local weeds and learn what to do about them, including encouraging native plants to compete with them. Click on a weed "card" to get details, photos and videos. Our Restoring Shrub-Steppe in the Methow Valley handbook is also a great resource.

Don't Miss These Farm Work Opps ... Summer is upon us, and we know you all want more excuses to be outside. Check out these opportunities to help on our local farms. Even if you have just one day a week to offer, we know you'd love the experience to work with and learn from our creative, local farmers!

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Citizen Science Opportunity: Friday, June 14th Hancock Springs Restoration Monitoring

8:00am – 12:00pm. Free. 6 volunteers needed.

Our friends and project partners over at Cascade Columbia Fisheries Enhancement Group (CCFEG) need help doing some riparian habitat monitoring work to look at the changes in habitat quality before and after an ongoing major restoration project on one of our conservation easement properties. Measurements will be taken on water quality, stream characteristics, bird species, and plant communities. We’ll teach you what you need to know! Sign up via Volunteer Methow here.

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Help the Methow Conservancy purchase 1200 acres of the Sunny M Ranch for the community (human and wild) by June 15th!

Learn more and donate to the Campaign for Sunny M Ranch Now