Methow Grown Pocket Guide 2.0

Methow Grown Pocket Guide 2.0

Methow grown

We’re excited to announce that we recently received a grant from the Methow Valley Fund of the Community Foundation of North Central Washington to support continued outreach for our agricultural program. Specifically, we have received funding to produce version 2 of our Methow Grown "pocket guide" to Methow Valley farms and ranches.

Version 1 was so popular, we’ve run out of the free guides that feature farmer stories, stunning photographs, much more. We’re looking forward to updating the guide, adding in even more farms, and printing another visually inspiring guide to make available for free. We know the guide is a great way to endear and connect our community to our local farmers and ranchers, who work so hard to raise wholesome food for us and to steward our valley's farmland. Thank you Methow Valley Fund and the Community Foundation of North Central Washington! And, if you’d like to pre-order of a copy of the guide, just email us.

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