A Month to Be Proud Of

A Month to Be Proud Of

Lewis20 Butte20 Volunteers1

We're so proud of the Methow Conservancy volunteers in April. Inspired by Volunteer Methow’s 10 Days of Service and made possible by their amazing website, this April our volunteers logged in almost 300 volunteer hours! Working on four distinct projects our volunteers have shown what a dedicated community can accomplish in a short amount of time. And there is still more to do in May…

On Thursday, April 4th we helped WDFW plant one hundred sage brush, rabbit brush, and bitterbrush plugs to begin restoration on the old trail up at Lewis Butte.

Bluebird box volunteers

On Saturday, April 6th we partnered with WDFW to relocate bluebird boxes on Methow Wildlife Area land, which is now a multiyear project that monitors and manages over 80 bluebird boxes.

Homestream park volunteers

The emerging Homestream Park in Winthrop benefited from the hard labor of 63 volunteers who literally transformed the landscape. It was no small feat requiring over 170 volunteer hours, filling three 30 yard dumpsters to the gills, and calling in a small favor from the always helpful fire department. But we got it done! You can watch the time lapse of the work with this awesome video by Jamie Petitto.

On April 22nd, Earthday, we had another cleanup project on our Heckendorn Hillside Property, which celebrated its official one year Methow Conservancy birthday on May 2nd. We were able to pick up 685 pounds of metal including a large amount of pesky barbwire and dropped it all off at the Methow Recycles annual Metal Drive.

Thank you so much to all of our volunteers, WDFW, Phil and Cathy Davis, and Methow Recycles for not being afraid to get dirty in April!!

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