September 2023 Backyard Bulletin

September 2023 Backyard Bulletin

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I love the transition between seasons, and I'm particularly fond of the move into autumn. I find the blissful cocktail of novelty and nostalgia deeply intoxicating. The newness of the season arrives in the changing of the colors, the changing of the wardrobe, and the changing of the light. But even though these changes are novel, they are also cyclical. That's where nostalgia enters the equation in the form of familiar feelings and rituals that are intertwined with a particular season each year. The autumn unfolds as a series of annual moments, slightly different for each person. Some have already happened this year, others not yet. The first crisp morning, check. The first fire in the woodstove, not yet. The first bike ride that ends in the dark, check. The first hard freeze in the garden, not yet. The September edition of the Backyard Bulletin, check. The Methow Conservancy Cider Squeeze, coming right up!

-Bridger Layton

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