Recording of Recent First Tuesdays
Photo by Zach Reiner on Unsplash

Recording of Recent First Tuesdays

January 5th: Updates from the Cascades Wolverine Project. Watch this dynamic hour-long presentation here. The Cascades Wolverine Project is in its fourth year of monitoring wolverines in our North Cascades and engaging the community to study this elusive alpine species. Project co-founder David Moskowitz shares photos, videos and stories from the project's research, including a refresher on wolverine ecology.

December 8th: 4 Thoughts - Watch this incredible hour of Methow Reflections here. Hear Daniel Senner, Kelleigh McMillan, Luc Reynaud, and Sarah Berns wow you with their insights, words, and varied approaches to tackling the prompt: What the Methow Means to Me.

November 10th: Watch the very insightful discussion from our November First Tuesday with Ashley Ahearn. Ashley shared her thoughts and stories from the creation of her podcast Grouse -- reflecting on the nature of the rural urban divide, among many important topics.

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