Quick Shout Outs

Quick Shout Outs

Got Squash? We’re so excited that Willowbrook Farm in Carlton is donating a portion of their overall sales of winter squash to our farmland protection efforts! Thanks Cameron Green and Eric Wittenbach for the super savory support!

Big kudos to the volunteers from Audubon of North Central Washington who joined our School Yard Science program this month. They led our two classes of 4th graders on a birding walk in the school yard. Armed with binoculars, every student had a chance to search for and then identify 12 wooden birds that were “hidden” in various habitats around the schoolyard. The students had keen eyes and tons of enthusiasm, though some of us never found that elusive ruby crowned kinglet out there!

Take a “Virtual Orchard Tour”: One of our favorite things about fall in the Methow? Delicious, local apples like the ones from Twisp River Organic Apples! Thanks to Richard and Jocelyn Murray for letting us make our latest "Virtual Farm Tour" video about them and their outstanding fruit. Photo at left by Mary Kiesau.

First published in November 2018

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