First Tuesday: Washington Predator-Prey Project

First Tuesday: Washington Predator-Prey Project

Wolves and Wildlife Dynamics in the Methow Valley and Beyond

When: Tuesday, March 7 at 7pm
Where: Zoom (Details to come)

Join us as four researchers from the Washington Predator-Prey Project, a collaborative study between the University of Washington and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, share preliminary findings from their research to understand how wildfires, human activity, and the return of wolves are shaping our local ecosystem.

In 2008, wolves began to recolonize Washington after nearly 80 years of absence, first establishing near the Methow Valley. This area supports a complex community of wildlife, including mule deer, white-tailed deer, moose, cougars, black bears, coyotes, and bobcats, leading to many questions about how wolves could influence ecological dynamics.


  • Dr. Sarah Bassing – Spatial and temporal patterns of predator-prey interactions in a human-dominated landscape
  • Dr. Taylor Ganz – Wildfires shape mule deer movement and their interactions with predators in the Okanogan
  • Dr. Laura Prugh – Effects of wolves and cougars on coyotes and bobcats in northern Washington
  • Lauren Satterfield, Ph.D. Candidate - Patterns of dietary overlap between cougars and wolves in anthropogenic ecosystems

Banner Photo by Sarah Bassing

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