Our February Reading List

Our February Reading List

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Editor’s note: These articles do not represent the beliefs or opinions of the Methow Conservancy or its staff. We offer them purely as a means of sparking discussion.

Seattle Times: How a crumbling dam in the Enchantments could change our understanding of the PNW wilderness
This is an important ongoing situation playing out in our neighbor county to the south. The crux of the issue has to do with how to treat infrastructure that has been grandfathered into what is now designated wilderness. This is a good reminder that conservation in the West is steeped in history that is shaping the decisions land managers are making today.

Seattle Times: Decade of heavy storms has helped Northwest Glaciers, but don’t expect that to last, studies show
A new study conducted by researchers at University of Washington used satellite imaging data to measure surface elevations of every glacier in western North America and then they ran that data through a supercomputer to analyze glacial mass. What they found adds to the old saying that weather isn’t the same thing as climate.

Anchorage Daily News: Rogue cow wandering the Anchorage Hillside has managed to evade a police and drone search
Don’t fool yourself, this is a story about how to break out of your comfort zone and find the freedom and inner strength that you deserve. This inspiring tale is totally Methow! And for a follow up you might enjoy this article. As far as we know, Betsy is still out there….

High Country News: See the West’s overlooked pollinators – like never before
Sam Droege who works for the USGS Geological Survey Bee Inventory, is attempting to bring attention to pollinators not through shocking statics, but by looking at them as art. Take a look at his macro photos and you’ll want one up on your wall.

Anchorage Daily News: Seattle Social worker who led a thrifty life leaves behind millions to charities
Never underestimate the capacity of someone to give. Alan Naiman has left an incredible legacy.

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