February 2024 Backyard Bulletin

February 2024 Backyard Bulletin

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I recently became acquainted with the concept of "The Big Dark." It's a colloquial term that Seattleites in the audience may be familiar with - a concise descriptor for the relentless string of short, gray, wet days between late fall and early spring. In a typical year, The Big Dark in Western Washington aligns pretty well with what folks in the Methow Valley call ski season. Some years, we revel in consistent snow storms and bluebird days. This year, we got The Big Dark instead. It wasn't all bad, and I stand by the idea that tough winters are all about opportunism - the good days (and good trails) exist, you've just gotta seize them!

However, I recently went on a bike ride on a warm day and it felt amazing! I started thinking about what to plant in the garden this year and practically fell out of my chair just thinking about all that fresh produce. I began dreaming about regional outdoor adventures and sleeping in tents next to alpine lakes. I'm not saying spring has arrived, but the sun shines for more than 10 hours in a row these days and there's a hint of green grass peeking out in the yard. So what I am saying is that it's okay if your mind wanders away from skis and coats toward bicycles and sunblock - I won't tell anyone.

- Bridger Layton, Education Programs Coordinator

Photo: Jan Sodt

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