First Tuesday: The Methow Beaver Project

First Tuesday: The Methow Beaver Project

When: Tuesday, April 2 at 7pm
Where: Twisp River Tap House (Get Directions)

Join us to learn more about the incredible world of beavers and hear from their local champions at the Methow Beaver Project. They're excited to update us about the work being done locally to support watershed restoration, and to share a special episode of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom Protecting the Wild, aired nationally in December, featuring Methow Beaver Project staff.

The presentation and video will dive into the fascinating, watery world of beavers and their crucial role as ecosystem engineers. Come learn about their tireless work in building wetlands that act like sponges and lessen the impact of drought and wildfire. Beavers, by creating critical riparian habitats, not only foster a more resilient ecosystem but also play a key role in supporting other species, including endangered salmonids.

Doors will open at 5pm, presentation at 7pm. The Tap House will be offering drinks and delicious food on a night when they are typically closed. Support a local business by purchasing a drink, a snack, or dinner! Come as you are, bring your curiosity, and let's explore the remarkable benefits beavers bring to natural landscapes for increased climate resilience. Reach out to Bridger with any questions about the event.

Photos courtesy of Methow Beaver Project

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