First Tuesday: Bats of Washington State

First Tuesday: Bats of Washington State

**This talk was recorded: watch now on YouTube, or listen on YouTube Podcasts**

Bats of Washington State w/ Niki Desautels

When: Tuesday, November 7 at 7pm
Where: Zoom - Free registration at this link

This Zoom-based First Tuesday is your chance to learn about the bats that share your backyard! Bats are one of Washington’s most interesting and most misunderstood groups of animals. Fifteen species of bats make their home here from the rare spotted bat, with its black and white fur and huge pink ears, to the canyon bat, so small it is sometimes mistaken for a moth. Join us on November 7 with Bats Northwest’s Niki Desautels to learn about the adaptations that make bats so amazing and so essential to our Washington habitats.

Free registration is required. Contact Bridger with any questions about the event.

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