2023 Conservation Awards
Photo by Jason Paulsen

2023 Conservation Awards

The Methow Conservancy is delighted to announce the 2023 winners of its annual Conservation Awards.

The Ken White Award is the Methow Conservancy’s longest-standing distinction, awarded to someone with a history of carrying forward conservationist Ken White’s love for the Methow Valley. Its namesake, Ken White, was often called “the Methow Valley’s most enthusiastic naturalist.” White was a self-taught conservationist with a passion for sharing his knowledge and love of the Methow Valley. The 2023 Ken White Award recipient is awarded, posthumously, to Ann Henry, who passed away in early 2023. Ann was dedicated to the people and places of the Methow Valley. She spent weeks each summer in the backcountry, helping others appreciate the unique beauty of the North Cascades, as well as working to improve trails. She volunteered for dozens of Methow Valley non-profits until she was in her 90s, and when she saw a need or a problem, she worked to create a solution, usually inspiring others to join her in the effort. Above all, Ann was a connector, supporting residents of and visitors to Methow Valley as a role model for community engagement up until her death, and as an inspiration to others thereafter.

Cindy Macklin is the 2023 recipient of the Susie Stephens Award for providing outstanding volunteer service to the Methow Conservancy’s efforts. Susie was a dedicated Methow Conservancy staff member who was tragically killed in an accident in 2002. Susie’s joyful enthusiasm encouraged others to get involved with the Methow Conservancy. Cindy offered her services to the Methow Conservancy early in 2023 and was enlisted to help with data entry and donation acknowledgement preparation for the Campaign for Sunny M Ranch. The Conservancy assumed there might be as many as 400 donations. It actually ended up being more than 1500 donations, and Cindy processed nearly all of them.

Roxie Miller is awarded the 2023 You Inspire Us Award, for inspiring others to care for the land. Roxie has long been close to the Methow Conservancy as an advisor, capital campaign committee chair, and Advisory Council member. Last winter, when the Methow Conservancy announced Imagine the Methow: the Campaign for Sunny M Ranch, Roxie took her responsibilities as a campaign co-chair to the next level, spending more than 50 days skiing the trails on the Sunny M Ranch and inviting other skiers to learn more about the campaign. She was a featured speaker in the Sunny M promotional film, she spoke at dozens of presentations about the campaign, and she handwrote—quite literally—more than 1000 thank you notes to campaign supporters.

The Methow Conservancy expresses gratitude and admiration for Ann, Cindy, and Roxie. Thank you for helping us carry out our mission.

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Clockwise from top left: Ann Henry, Cindy Macklin, Roxie Miller
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