Why this Matters: Preserving Possibilities

At times in our lives, we are given the rare opportunity to participate in a project that reflects our love of place. This is one of those projects. It represents everything we love about the Methow Valley in 1200 acres that we, the community, can save. We can give a forever gift to all who follow in this place we call home.”
~ Roxie Miller

  • Values: The Sunny M Ranch opportunity advances four core values: wildlife, farmland, trails, and housing that is affordable for people who work here.
  • Rural Character: Many mountain communities never get a chance to determine what the landscape near town looks like and how it reflects community values. We do.
  • Partners: At the Methow Conservancy we aren’t farmers or trail groomers or builders, but we can provide the land that makes these functions possible. This one project will unite community members and organizations through partnerships for public benefit.
  • Legacy: For 35 years, the Haub Family has been a careful steward of this land. Now the community can carry that legacy forward.
  • Scale: There are only five unprotected holdings in the Methow Valley larger than 1,000 acres. This is one of them. Opportunities to achieve a community and conservation win at this scale don’t present themselves often.
  • Balance: It is possible to balance the needs of people, wildlife, and the local economy. In the Sunny M Ranch project, wildlife habitat doesn’t come at the expense of trail use; workforce housing doesn’t detract from farming. No one component compromises another.


We’re excited to launch Imagine the Methow: A Campaign for Sunny M Ranch. We have until June 15, 2023 to preserve these possibilities for our community. To join us and to learn more about the Campaign for Sunny M Ranch, visit methowconservancy.org/sunnym. To make a multi-year pledge, contact Executive Director Sarah Brooks to schedule a meeting: sarah@methowconservancy.org or 509-996-2870. Or click here to access a pledge form.

Help the Methow Conservancy purchase 1200 acres of the Sunny M Ranch for the community (human and wild) by June 15th!

Learn more and donate to the Campaign for Sunny M Ranch Now