Volunteer for the Methow Conservancy

The Methow Conservancy began as a volunteer organization and to this day supporters who donate their time and skills are essential to our conservation efforts. From leading programs and hikes to stamping envelopes, if you would like to join in our efforts to protect the Methow Valley, please call Mary at our office at 509-996-2870. To receive emails about specific volunteer jobs as they arise, get on our "Volunteer Stars" email list by emailing Mary.

Conservation easement up the West Chewuch
Conservation easement up the West Chewuch

Listed below are just a few of the ongoing volunteer opportunities we offer. If you have ideas or suggestions for ways to get involved, please let us know.

In-house: Whether you like tangible tasks that are easy to do or want to use your creative juices preparing materials and displays for events, we have many projects to plug volunteers into. Assist with graphic design, a display about our work, mailing our Good Neighbor Handbook, preparing programs and trips, and more.

Outdoors: Work in solitude or chat up the public - we have loads of jobs for you! Here are just a few:

  • Help us at our Farmer's Market booth in July or other events throughout the summer where you can work with other supporters and chat with folks about our work and a variety of conservation topics.

  • Don't have enough work to do around your own property? We have a public garden at our riverfront office that needs some on-going attention and tender-loving-care! Create a peaceful native plant spot for others to enjoy.

  • Amateur and professional naturalists of all backgrounds help us with public programs and field trips. Join them and help us expand our educational offerings.
  • Stewardship and restoration is a big part of our work, especially with so many conservation easements. Work with our staff and other volunteers in the field to pull barbed wire and weeds, monitor easements and more.

Click here to read about the Conservation Awards given to Methow Conservancy volunteers.
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