Methow Conservancy Fire-Related Videos

Bend TEDx Talk “Living (Dangerously) in an Era of Megafires” with Pacific Northwest Research Station ecologist Paul Hessburg. This April 2017 video explains how current fire conditions were inadvertently created, and it describes megafires as a core social issue with ecological explanations.
Forest Born of Fire Video: Western US forests burned by high-intensity fire are important and rare wildlife habitat. This video, made by the Wild Nature Institute, demonstrates the beauty and life found where burned forests are left to wild nature.
Okanogan Conservation District Firewise Workshop
in Mazama August 16, 2014
Okanogan Conservation District Natural Resources Recovery Workshop
in Pateros August 16, 2014
Methow Valley Aerial View. August 2014 flight shows mud slides and Carlton Complex burn areas from Methow Conservancy member Fred Wert.

It's "Complex": The 2014 Methow Fires, Ecological Effects, and Recovery 
Eleventh Annual Methow Conservation Course Videos

January 26th - March 2nd, 2015

January 26th - Historic Role of Fire in Forest and Shrub-Steppe Ecosystems of Eastern Washington  
Paul Hessburg, USFS Landscape Ecologist

February 2nd - Introduction to the Carlton Complex Fire and the Fire’s Effects on Forests and Recovery
Susan Prichard & Connie Mehmel - This is in 4 parts

February 9th - Carlton Complex Fire Effects on Aquatic Habitats, Fish, and Recovery
Jennifer Molesworth - This is in 4 parts



February 17th - Fire in Shrub-Steppe Habitat: Past, Present, and Future
Dale Swedberg - This is in 4 parts

February 23rd - Carlton Complex Fire Effects on Wildlife and Recovery
Bill Gaines & Ken Bevis - This is in 4 parts.

March 2nd - Living with Fire
Richy Harrod - This is in 3 parts.


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