First Tuesday Program - “Travels in Tanzania through the Lens of Conservation”
Tuesday, January 10th (on the second Tuesday!)
7:00 – 8:30pm at the Methow Valley Community Center, Twisp.

Join the whole Bondi family from Winthrop for a slideshow about their recent three-month trip through Tanzania. First, they worked with a conservation organization in the southern highlands of the Kilombero Valley where they experienced village life while studying human-wildlife interactions and land-protection options. Then, in eastern Tanzania they enjoyed the road less traveled by “wazungu na watoto” (white people with children) safaris. The Bondis will also take us on a tour of Tanzania’s northern national parks, where some of the most well-known Maasai tribes, wildlife migrations and African mammals exist.

The program is free and open to everyone.  The doors open at 6:30pm.  For more information, contact 996-2870 or

The Life & Times of Methow Mammals - the 13th Annual Conservation Course
Mondays, Feb. 6th – March 13th, 6:00 - 8:00pm at the Winthrop Barn

Photo by Victor Glick & Libby SchreinerFrom tiny shrews to big black bears and desert-adapted pocket mice to boreal species like the Canada lynx, the Methow Valley is home to a diverse assemblage of native mammals. Being mammals ourselves, the lives of our furry neighbors are of great interest and curiosity to humans and our mutual futures.  Join this year’s “Methow Conservation Course” to learn more about the evolution of mammals and the unique adaptations and ecological niches of our native mammalian taxa. Course content will provide an overview of every family of mammals found here while exploring select groups and species of significant conservation or ecological interest in more detail, including current research on certain species, and how climate change and other local factors like wildfires are affecting animals and their habitats.  Lectures and optional outdoor field sessions will also cover methods for studying mammals in the field including wildlife tracking, camera trapping, live capture and release, and direct observation.  The course should provide participants with both broad and specific information about our local, wild, mammalian world, and encourage more observation of and connections with native mammals while engaging class members as advocates and partners in long-term conservation. (Photo by Libby Schreiner)

Just like our previous conservation courses (13 years of them now!), we are reaching out to numerous natural resource experts and educators in the Methow and around the state to make this course on Methow Mammals a stellar educational experience. Mary Kiesau, the course coordinator, is working closely with wildlife expert David Moskowitz to create the syllabus and course content.  David will give the introductory class on mammal taxonomy and evolution, and give a bonus field session on wildlife tracking.  Scott Fitkin will cover canines and tag-team with deer expert Sara Hansen on our local ungulates.  Bill Gaines will help us understand black and grizzly bears including what’s happening in the public policy arena.  John Rohrer will present felines and mustelids with a special focus on lynx and wolverines.  Marcus Reynerson will teach a “bonus” class on foot morphology and locomotion prior to an outdoor wildlife tracking session.  Kristine Ernest will guide us through the wide world of rodents.  Plus, we’ll even talk about bats and other insectivores like shrews. There are over 70 mammals in the Methow watershed and while we may not Photographer Teri Piepershowcase all of them, we hope to introduce you to most of them and cover many of them in some depth!

The course runs for six weeks from February 6th to March 13th with one class per week on Mondays from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the Winthrop Barn. Tuition is $170*.  Need-based scholarships, in the form of a reduced fee, are available to a limited number of people who are able to provide volunteer help with the course.  The course is similar to a college-level seminar, with optional reading materials, extracurricular field sessions, and a limited class size.  Field classes will be offered during the course, some for free and some for an additional fee. (Photo by Teri Pieper)

Space in the course is limited to 50 people and it’s filling fast.  Contact Mary at or 509-996-2870 for questions about the course or to register. Click here for the Course Short Syllabus.

Methow Futures with Methow GenNxt
Wednesday, January 11th, 5:30-7:00pm at the 24HR Mart (Glover Street, Twisp)

Nearly 60 people in their 20’s and 30’s joined us at the Copper Glance bar in November for a discussion about what they hope for the Methow Valley in the next 20 years and how they can play a role in shaping that future.  Photograper Mary Kiesau

Now, we are meeting again to share an organized summary of the dozens of pages of written comments from the November gathering.  The GenNxt group will look at the main themes and issues that came up, and then discuss how to move forward with topics of interest, potential activities and more.  RSVP are greatly appreciated but they are not required.

“Methow GenNxt” is the Methow Conservancy’s new effort to engage, learn from and support the “next generation” of conservation-minded young adults (early 20s to early 40s) who love the Methow Valley, whether they grew up here, live here now or just visit.

If you are a young adult and you’d like to be kept in the loop on Methow GenNxt events and plans, find the group on Facebook here, or contact us. Questions? Contact the Methow Conservancy at 509-996-2870 or

Get Your Tickets Quick – January 21st!  
There are still tickets left for our combined Birthday Bash with Methow Trails on January 21st at the Winthrop Barn.  The Paperboys will be on stage to get us dancing and toe-tapping as we celebrate 40 years of Methow Trails and 20 years of Methow Conservancy. We expect a sell-out, so get your tickets now!

No fancy fundraising gimmicks, no long speeches.  Just a fun, rollicking good time in the Barn with all of our friends.  The show starts at 7 pm.  Tickets are $15 and can be purchased here:

And, don’t forget!  As a birthday gift to the community, Methow Trails will offer a day of free skiing on all trails on Saturday the 21st! 

Exciting News from the Methow Headwaters Campaign…thank your Senators!
2016 ended on a celebratory note in the Methow Valley with the Department of the Interior’s publishing of a Notice of Application for Withdrawal in the Federal Register on Photograper Jason PaulsenDec 30th, effectively halting new mineral exploration and development activity within a 340,079 acre area in the upper Methow watershed.  The withdrawal period will last for at least two years while the impacts of a proposed 20 year withdrawal are studied.

The Withdrawal Notice starts a public comment period that will run through March 30, 2017.  Watch the official Methow Headwaters site at for upcoming information and guidance regarding how you can best help to support this action by participating in this comment period.

News of the withdrawal was shared by Senators Murray and Cantwell in a U.S. Senate Press Release.  This withdrawal would never have been possible without their support. As you await guidance from the Methow Headwaters team for your comment letter, please consider sending a note of thanks to Senator Murray and Senator Cantwell.

You can also learn more in this Wenatchee World article on the withdrawal announcement. 

2016 Methow Conservancy Conservation Award Winners
The Methow Conservancy proudly announced the recipients of its 2016 Methow Conservation Awards at the December community program and year-end social at the Winthrop Barn. 

Wendy Sims was given the Susie Stephens Award for outstanding volunteer service to the Methow Conservancy.  Maggie Coon was named the Ken White Award winner for her long-standing history of inspiring conservation efforts in the Methow Valley.  Fernne Rosenblatt received the You Inspire Us Award for embodying what it means to inspire others to care for the land. 

We featured all of them in our recently mailed Winter Newsletter
For more information on the organization’s awards and to see past recipients go to New board member Sam Naney

Welcome & Thanks to Board Members
Each year we say good-bye to Board Members who have finished their terms and we welcome new Board Members just beginning their journey.  We want to give a hearty thank you to Kristin Devin for her outstanding volunteer service on our Board.  And we are thrilled to welcome new Board member Sam Naney (also an active Methow GenNxter) as well as welcome back to the Board Jane Gilbertsen.  Read more about them in our recently mailed Winter Newsletter

New Members  - Thank You!
We love welcoming new members!  Our new members from November 29th to December 31st were:  Robert Blethen, Peter Elderon, Leslie Sacha & Jim Feldmann, Bethany Glaser, Jordan Goldwarg, Zach Hinman, Christine Hoffer, Maria & William Jones, Lidija & Michael Kamansky, Tracy Miller & Linda Machia, Vittoria Palazzi, Kent Reiersgaard, Diane & William Steele, Jennifer & Steven Taylor, Anne Voegtlen, Mr. & Mrs. Steven Wood. Welcome and thank you for inspiring people to care for the land of the Methow Valley!

In 2016, a number of donors made gifts in honor of people they know love this Valley.  Gifts in 2016 were made in honor of:  Matt Hinckley & Beth Anderson, Jerry Bell, Kathleen & Jon Blake, Patricia Prichard & Jerome Bowler, Eric Burr, Margaret Corp, Maud & Marc Daudon, Charlie & Krista Davis, Phil & Cathy Davis, Ann Diamond, Mary Drobka, Nathan Grothe, Chris Hartwig, Walter Hubrig, Mary Kiesau, Wayne Luft, Tracy Miller & Linda Machia, Gina & Tom McCoy, the extended Metzer family, Don Miller, Emily Mitchell, Deb Dahrling & Rose O'Donnell, Gaye & Jim Pigott, John Schoettler, and Ashley Vaughan. 

We are always deeply honored to receive donations made in memory of those who loved this Valley but are no longer with us. Gifts in 2016 were made in memory of: Florence Barth, Ernie Chenel, Tom Clausing, Hugh Doerschuk, Glen Highsmith, Robert Konen, Jim Laskey, Joseph Reid, Jon Roffler, Reid Rogers, Pete Roy, Mike Vaughan, and Andrew Zajac.

Thank you! 

Methow Conservancy Events

January 7th: Winter Wildlife Tracking, with David Moskowitz, 8:30am – 12:30pm, $45.  This class is full, but you are welcome to get on the waitlist.

Tanzania Talk on January 10thJanuary 8th: Winter Wildlife Tracking, 8:30am – 12:30pm, $45.  Explore the winter landscape of the Methow Valley with professional wildlife tracker and educator, Dave Moskowitz.  Contact us at 509-996-2870 or to reserve your spot. See above for more detailsThis class is full, but you are welcome to get on the waitlist.

January 10th: Methow Conservancy First Tuesday (note: 2nd Tuesday!) Program: “Travels in Tanzania through the lens of Conservation,” 7:00-8:30pm, free at the Methow Valley Community Center. Join the whole Bondi family for a slide show about their recent 3-month trip through Tanzania. See above for more details.

January 11th: Methow GenNxt “Methow Futures” Meet-Up, 5:30-7:00pm at 24HR Mart in Twisp (Glover Street).  Project GenNxt meets again! Join fellow Methow GenNxters to review an organized summary from the November gathering, look at the main themes and issues that came up, and then discuss how to move forward with topics of interest, potential activities and more.  See more and join the group here

January 21st:  Methow Trails & Methow Conservancy Birthday Bash with The Paperboys at the Winthrop Barn. We’re turning 20!  Help us celebrate at our joint birthday bash with Methow Trails (they’re turning 40!). We’ll dance the night away to the Paperboys and have some birthday fun. Tickets are $15 per person and can be purchased online at above for more details.

February 4th Winter Wildlife Tracking, with David Moskowitz, 8:30am – 12:30pm, $45. This class is full, but you are welcome to get on the waitlist.

February 6th – March 13th:  The Life & Times of Methow Mammals - 13th Annual Conservation Course.  The course will run for six weeks from February 6th to March 13th with one class per week on Mondays from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the Winthrop Barn.  $170. See all the details here

February 7th: Methow Conservancy First Tuesday Program " Understanding Human-Carnivore Interactions"with Bullitt Foundation Environmental Prize winner Carol Bogezi, 7:00-8:30pm, free, at the Merc Playhouse, Twisp
February 28th: Methow Conservancy Program, “Living in the Era of Megafires,” a multi-media presentation lead by Dr. Paul Hessburg, 7:00-8:30pm, free, at the Methow Valley Community Center, Twisp.  (This was our March “First Tuesday” program and it had to be rescheduled to Feb 28.)

April 11th: Methow Conservancy “First Tuesday” Program (on the 2nd Tuesday!), “Alchemy of Herbs,” with local herbalist Rosalee de la Foret, 7:00-8:30pm, free, location TBA.

May 2nd: Methow Conservancy “First Tuesday” Program, “Tides” with Jonathan White, 7:00-8:30pm, free, location TBA

News from Other Organizations
The first-annual William Stafford Birthday Reading will be held on Thursday, January 12th from 5:00-6:30 pm at the Trail’s End Bookstore in Winthrop.  Featured readers include Subhaga Crystal Bacon, Christine Kendall, Sam Lucy, Kelleigh McMillan, Sam (Eileen) Owen, Shannon Huffman Polson, Liberty Bell High School sophomore Leo Shaw (whose English Honors’project focuses on William Stafford), and host Cindy Williams Gutiérrez.  The featured readers will read one Stafford poem and a poem of their own that resonates with the Stafford poem.  Following the featured readers, U.S. Forest Service retiree Ardis Bynum will speak briefly about the Stafford Methow River poems enshrined in plaques along the Methow River and in the North Cascades. Audience members will then be invited to share their favorite Stafford poem or a personal story about William Stafford. All are welcome to this communal tribute to poet William Stafford renowned for his guiding wisdom and his love of the land.  Bring your favorite Stafford poem or tale to share!

The Methow Naturalist editor Dana Visalli will be teaching a class called “Big History: The Evolutionary Journey of Life & of Homo sapiens” at TwispWorks on Monday evenings January 2 – February 13, plus additional optional video and discussion sessions on Wednesday evenings. Cost is on a sliding scale, $0-$130. Contact Dana to enroll or for more information at or 509-997-9011.

Methow Trails hosts “Nature of Winter Snowshoe” tours every Saturday from Dec 31 - Feb 25 at both Sun Mountain and Jacks Hut at the Freestone Inn.  These family-friendly snowshoe tours start at 11:00am and are led by local volunteers who focus on winter ecology, wildlife and tracks, snow science and more.  See more details here.

The Community Foundation of North Central Washington Scholarship Program (CFNCW) is now accepting applications. The deadline for most scholarships is March 1st.  CFNCW manages over 90 scholarship funds with varying criteria established by generous donors who want to help students achieve their dreams. Many of the scholarships seek to support students with the greatest financial need.  Students can review scholarships through the online Scholarship Guide, which allows students to sort and filter scholarships by geographic area, GPA, award amounts, study area, and other specific criteria.  See all the details here.

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