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Please look through the entire syllabus for the listed resources, as you may want to read some sooner rather than later. "Core" resources for each class are suggested. For the avid reader/learner, some additional articles are listed. Of course, all resources are optional, they are simply meant to enhance your course experience. All resources that are not books are linked electronically below.

Overall reading materials we recommend:

1. Petersons Field Guide to Mammals of North America, 4th edition, OR the Princeton Field Guides “Mammals of North America” (Kays and Wilson), OR another mammal guidebook.
2.  The Burke Museum’s extensive website “Mammals of Washington”

February 6th - Mammal Taxonomy and Evolution
David Moskowitz 

Core Resources:
Mammals of the Methow Watershed, list by Dana Visalli

For the Avid Learner:
D. Moskowitz.  2010.  Wildlife of the Pacific Northwest. (pages 87-93 provided here)

February 13th - Canids and Ursids
Scott Fitkin & Bill Gaines

Core Resources:
1.  The WDFW “Living with Coyotes” factsheet.
2.  Identifying Washington’s Wolves (brochure that Scott will bring)
3.  Seattle Times Jan 12, 2017 article on Grizzly Restoration Draft EIS
4.  The Black Bear
5.  Grizzly Bear Recovery in the North Cascades
6.  UW/WDFW Predator & Prey Survey

For the Avid Learner:
1.  B. Kilham.  2013.  Out on a Limb.
2.  D. Smith and G. Ferguson. 2012.  Decade of the Wolf, Revised and Updated. 
3.  D. Moskowitz.  2013.  Wolves in the Land of Salmon.

February 20th - Ungulates
Sara Hansen & Jeff Heinlen

Core Resources:
1. Mule Deer: Changing Landscapes, Changing Perspectives (WAFWA publication)
2. The WDFW “Living with Moose” webpage (several links to peruse there)
3. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species publication on Ovis canadensis
4. Ovis canadensis description from The American Society of Mammalogists
5. Winter Wildlife Feeding

For the Avid Learner:
1.  Keep Trophy Records Honest: Identifying Whitetail/Mule Deer Hybrids (Fair Chase Magazine 2012) 
2.  Moose abundance, distribution, and demographic characteristics in eastern Washington, WDFW 2015 report.

February 27th – Felids & Mustelids
John Rohrer

Core Resources:
1.  Weasels Are Built for the Hunt by Natalie Angier, NY Times article
2.  On the Track of the Elusive Wolverine, in Science Findings
3.  The Wolverine Foundation website
4.  WDFW “Fishers in Washington” webpage

For the Avid Learner:
1.  D. Chadwick. 2012.  The Wolverine Way.
2.  M. Hornocker & S. Negri. 2009.  Cougar: Ecology and Conservation.

March 6th – Rodents & Lagomorphs plus the Methow Beaver Project
Kris Ernest & Torre Stockard

1.  Truffle in the Forest article by Chris Maser.
2.  National Wildlife Federation American Pika webpage.
3. The Rodentia and Lagomorpha pages on the Burke’s website, then click on individual species to see distribution maps, distribution in Washington, and other species information.
4.  The Methow Beaver Project webpage (also see the “Resources” link and look the Beaver Restoration Guide and the 2015 Accomplishments

For the Avid Learner:
1.  Merritt, J.F.  2010.  The Biology of Small Mammals.  Johns Hopkins University Press.
2.  Lehmkuhl, J. F., R. D. Peffer, M. A. O'Connell.  2008.  Riparian and upland small mammals on the east slope of the Cascade Range, Washington.  Northwest Science 82:94-107.
3.  Dearing, M.D. 1997.  The manipulation of plant toxins by a food-hoarding herbivore, Ochotona princeps. Ecology 78:774-781.
4.  D. Muller-Schwarze.  2011.  The Beaver: Its Life and Impact. Cornell University Press

March 13th – Insectivores, Mammal Specimen Lab, Wildlife Camera Show & Tell, and The 10 Decades Project
Peter Wimberger & Kent Woodruff

Core Resources:
1. Washington Bat Conservation Plan
2. An Identification Manual to the Small Mammals of British Columbia
3. The 10 Decades Project factsheet

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