Conservation Courses

In 2005, we initiated an annual "Methow Conservation Course" for people who wanted a more in-depth study of Methow Valley natural history.  The six-week Methow Conservation Course, held every winter, is designed for both the novice and the experienced naturalist (and for everyone in between).  The course topic changes each year, but goals are always to inspire more observation of, interest in and connections with the natural world so that people can help encourage conservation of the Methow Valley. Below you will find a list of our Conservation Courses with links to either the course documents page or syllabus or both.

2017 The Life & Times of Methow Mammals

2016 The Corvid Connection

2015 It's "Complex": The 2014 Methow Fires, Ecological Effects, and Recovery 

2014 Botany - The Basics & Beyond

2013 Big Ecology: Ecology through the Lens of History, from the Cosmos to the Methow

2012 The Ecological History of the Methow Valley from the Cascades to the Columbia

2011 Forest Ecology: From the Valley Floor to the Pacific Crest

2010 Secrets of the Shrub Steppe

2009 A Bird’s-Eye View of the Methow: the Ecology and Conservation of Birds

2008 The Dynamic Dance of Water: the Function, Ecology, and Future of the Methow Watershed

2007 Phenology: The study of biological phenomena in relation to climatic conditions

2006 Taking a Deeper Look, Part 1: Methow Migrations, Part 2: Reading the Land - Regional Geology

2005 The inaugural course was 4-months long covering a broad spectrum of Methow Valley natural history.

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