The Life & Times of Methow Mammals - Videos
Thirteenth Annual (2017) Methow Conservation Course

February 6th - Mammal Taxonomy and Evolution
David Moskowitz 

February 13th - Canids and Ursids
Scott Fitkin & Bill Gaines

February 20th - Ungulates
Sara Hansen & Jeff Heinlen

Mountain Goat presentation by Mary Kiesau

February 27th – Felids & Mustelids
John Rohrer

class video will be posted when available

March 6th – Rodents & Lagomorphs plus the Methow Beaver Project
Kris Ernest & Torre Stockard

March 13th – Insectivores, Mammal Specimen Lab, Wildlife Camera Show & Tell, and The 10 Decades Project
Peter Wimberger & Kent Woodruff


Footage from the Wildlife Cams

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