Susie Stephens

Methow Conservancy’s Annual Conservation Awards

Each year we present several awards to recognize the work of dedicated volunteers for conservation in the valley.

Susie Stephens Award - For those who carry on Susie’s endless energy for helping others and her strong belief that education about conservation can make a difference. 

    Background: Susie served with an open heart and a joyful smile as the Development Director at the Methow Conservancy until a tragic accident took her life in 2002. Susie’s enthusiasm for life and for reaching out to people to inspire conservation are legacies that continue in our work.

    Criteria for Award Nominees:  Individuals who have provided outstanding volunteer service to the Methow Conservancy’s efforts.

    Current & Past Winners:
    • 2016 - Wendy Sims
    • 2015 - Kirsten Cook
    • 2014 - Jan Sodt
    • Wendy Sims, 2016 winner of the
      Susie Stephens Award
    • 2013 - Deb Dahrling & Rose O'Donnell
    • 2012 - Becky & Aaron Studen of the Twisp River Pub
    • 2011 - Sue Roberts
    • 2010 - Chris Hartwig
    • 2009 - Carole and Brian Reid
    • 2008 - Laurelle Walsh
    • 2007 - Dotti and Bob Wilson
    • 2006 - Joyce Bergen
    • 2005 - Suzanne Follis

    2016 Award Winner - Wendy Sims
    Wendy Sims is this year’s Susie Stephens Award winner, honoring outstanding volunteer service to the Methow Conservancy.  For more than a decade, Wendy has asked “how can I help” and then enthusiastically finished the tasks at hand.  She’s faithfully served on the Conservancy’s Education Committee and been a lead volunteer in much of that committee’s work including, running the Conservancy’s noxious weed & native plant education booth at the Farmers’ Market, cleaning up the group’s Adopt-a-Highway section on Highway 20, and helping brainstorm and create much of the public education programs.  Wendy has also helped manage the mailing of thousands of Good Neighbor Handbooks to new landowners  and spearheaded the creation of new projects like a Natural History Book Club and the Conservancy’s now established high school volunteer internship program.  Wendy is the 12th recipient of this award, given annually in memory of Susie Stephens, who served as the Methow Conservancy’s Development Director and left an indelible mark on the community and organization with her energy and passion for helping others.  Wendy shares Susie’s commitment to inspiring others to care for the land.

Ken White

Ken White Award - For those who carry on Ken White’s love for the Methow Valley.

    Background:  Known by many as the Methow’s Naturalist, Ken was a self-taught conservationist who shared his deep passion for appreciating this beautiful valley with all who were interested.

    Criteria for Award Nominees:  Individuals or organizations with a long-standing history of inspiring conservation efforts in the Methow Valley.  These efforts may be in conjunction with the work of the Methow Conservancy or as separate projects. 

    Current & Past Winners:
    • 2016 - Maggie Coon
    • 2015 - Classroom in Bloom
    • 2014 - Rob Crandall
    • 2013 - Jane Gilbertsen
    • 2012 - Vicky Welch and John Hayes
    • 2011 - Denny O'Callaghan
    • Maggie Coon, our 2016 Ken White
      award winner

      2010 - Kent Woodruff
    • 2009 - Roxie and Carl Miller
    • 2008 - Dave Sabold
    • 2007 - Katharine Bill
    • 2006 - Ron Judd
    • 2005 - John Sunderland

    2016 Award Winner – Maggie Coon
    Maggie Coon has been named this year’s Ken White Award winner.  The award recognizes individuals or organizations with a long-standing history of inspiring conservation efforts in the Methow Valley. Ken White, long- known as the Methow’s naturalist shared his deep passion for appreciating this special Valley with anyone interested.  The Methow Conservancy recognizes Maggie’s four decades-long commitment to conservation in the Methow Valley.  In 1976, Maggie found her civic voice in helping to form the Methow Valley Citizens Council and has since played a role in issues as broad-ranging as the proposed downhill ski area, county zoning ordinances, and most recently the Methow Headwaters Campaign.  Infused in all of her efforts, including choosing to protect her Twisp River farm with a conservation easement, is a firmly held belief that ordinary citizens can have a say in their community’s future. 

Fernne Rosenblatt, our 2016
You Inspire Us award winner,
here with her late husband Roger.

You Inspire Us Award

    Background: The award title is a play on the Methow Conservancy’s mission statement to inspire people to care for the land.  Award winners are recognized for reminding the organization about what it means to inspire others to care for the land.  We first awarded this in 2014.

    Current & Past Winners:
    • 2016 - Fernne Rosenblatt
    • 2015 - Carlene Anders
    • 2014 - Steve Taylor

    2016 Award Winner – Fernne Rosenblatt
    Fernne Rosenblatt received this year’s You Inspire Us Award for her patient, thoughtful, practical, and impressive response to the 2015 fires that burned through her Loup Loup conservation easement.  In the fire, Fernne lost the cabin she and her late husband Roger had built and much of the timber land they had carefully stewarded through the years.  As devastating and deeply personal as the loss was, however, Fernne has always chosen to see the potential in what remains.  She quickly learned about the ecological needs of her property post-fire and has spent countless hours nurturing the property and celebrating its renewal. 

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